Coping Strategy Training

Take control of your working life, as we help to identify and understand the obstacles, and recommend strategies to help you excel in the workplace.

What is it?

Our Coping Strategy Training helps employees with hidden disabilities take control of their working lives with the formation of a personalised toolkit of strategies and support mechanisms. Identification and understanding lead to practical learning strategies that help overcome difficulties and minimise the impact of an individual’s condition or disability within the workplace. 

Our bespoke coping strategy training process will explore and highlight an employee’s specific barriers, and help to build tangible strategies and mechanisms to overcome them. Many of these are designed to uncover and utilise an individual’s own strengths to negate their barriers. 

During the sessions difficulties will be overcome, understanding gained, and new skills developed. We have an outstanding reputation and have been acknowledged for consistently delivering excellence and assisting those in the maximising of their skills and potential. 

These sessions are open for any individual with a disability that affects them when working. From Neurodivergence to Mental Health, and from Neurophysiological conditions to Brain Injuries, these sessions are beneficial to all. 

Using a self-reflective process, guided questioning, and active listening, the tutor will work with the individual to build a wholly unique and customised programme of sessions. 

Session topics can include:
  • Managing Overwhelm and Emotional Regulation 
  • Goal Planning and Empowerment 
  • Literacy Skills, such as Writing, Reading, and Proofreading
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Sleep Hygiene 
  • Concentration and Motivation 
  • Template Creation and Notetaking Skills
  • Dealing with Impulsivity 
  • Assertiveness and Confidence Building
  • Managing Fatigue and Chronic Pain
  • Organisational and Time Management Skills 
  • Memory Skills 
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • and many more!...